Welcome to the archipelago island of Brännskär

Living Archipelago offers accommodation, experiences and adventures in the heart of the Åboland archipelago. On Brännskär island, you can experience the traditional and beautiful archipelago environment. Gather your company or a group of friends and take a trip to our island filled to the brim with close to nature experiences! The locally produced food, fun and exciting activities, beach-side sauna and lodging by the sea will be a memory for life.

The marina is available for everyone, stay for a night and see what the island has to offer. Buy some freshly smoked perch, explore Brännskär along the nature trail or join the other visitors around the campfire in the evening. If you’re lucky, one of us might make some pancakes or perhaps there will be some live music playing on the terrace. Welcome!

"A whole island at your disposal in a relaxing archipelago environment with great activities”

“Get a table for your group, set with Brännskär’s smoked fish and other island delicacies”

“Start your morning off with Brännskär’s freshly baked crispy bread, a cup of coffee and a bowl of yoghurt filled with goodies. Breakfast is served between 8.30-10.00 am”

+358 505919401 +358 407071425

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